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Amo and Pax

‘A Bit Cracked’ Egg Cup

‘A Bit Cracked’ Egg Cup

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Introducing 'A Bit Cracked' Egg Cup, a whimsical creation designed by Amanda P. and proudly made in Ireland. Embrace the playful side of breakfast with this charming egg cup, featuring a delightful design that adds character to your morning routine. Complete your collection with our 'Good Egg' and 'Bad Egg' variations for a touch of humor at the breakfast table. Crafted with care and attention to detail, these egg cups are not only functional but also make for delightful gifts. Start your day with a smile and a perfectly cracked egg – because sometimes, being 'A Bit Cracked' is just egg-actly what you need.


Designed by Amanda P. and made in Ireland, ‘A Bit Cracked’ Egg Cup. Also available: ‘Good Egg’ and ‘Bad Egg’. 

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