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Esteban Paris: Vanilla D’Or Refresher Oil 15ml

Esteban Paris: Vanilla D’Or Refresher Oil 15ml

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Ode to vanilla, queen of spices and well kept Mayan treasury.  When the sun rises, the hidden flower turns into a golden pod, precious and refined.  On a bed of spices and fresh flowers, its warm roundness bewitches us.  A sensual and dazzling olfactory journey. 

This Vanilla D'Or refresher oil by Esteban Paris is used in perfume mist diffusers with a little water. 

Just a few drops are enough to create a delicately perfumed atmosphere.  

Made in France, the most concentrated of the Esteban range of scents, preservative free and recyclable glass. 15mls

You can adjust the intensity of the perfume with the number of drops of your Esteban refresher oil. 

Glass Bottle. 15 mls.

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